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February 2023

Inspire Path - Build Resiliency - Dealing with Rejection

As part of our Inspire Path series, we explored how you can build resiliency and deal with rejection. We welcomed Francis Miller, Director of International College Counseling, Xi'an TieYi International Curriculum Center, China.

Counselor Miller shared his insights on dealing with rejection and how it can help students succeed.

Here is a glimpse of what the session covered:

  • What is Resiliency?
  • Is resiliency also grit? What is the difference?
  • Why is resilience important?
  • Building resilience
  • How can resilience help with your college application?

He also shared some truth about college applications that students need to know, helping them move forward despite rejection.

The speakers also shared a smart worksheet that can help you get started. Click here to download yours.

About the speaker

Francis Miller
Xi’an Tie Yi High School, China
Director of College Counseling

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