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October 2022

Inspire Path - Steps to build self advocacy skills

Cialfo launched the Inspire Path 2022 webinar sessions in October. For our Hot Skills based session, the three speakers from The American Embassy School, New Delhi, guided students with tips to develop self-advocacy. An essential part of effective communication, self-advocacy means the ability to express our demands with confidence. For students, this means asking questions when they have doubts, or asking for help from teachers, and counselors. They have to identify their needs, figure out who would be the best person to approach and take quick action.

Download this Self Advocacy Worksheet and fill it while you go through the webinar to develop self-advocacy skills and apply them in real life situations. Also, to learn more skills from university representatives and get free resources, register here for all Inspire Path sessions.

About the speaker

Angela Mack
The American Embassy School, New Delhi
High School Social-Emotional Counselor

Mahima Bhalla
The American Embassy School, New Delhi
High School Student Support Coordinator

Warren Emanuel
The American Embassy School, New Delhi
Director of College and University Counseling

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