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October 2022

Inspire Path - What does it mean to study business?

As part of our Inspire Path series, we explored the scope of Business Studies for college students. We welcomed Angela Liu, Career & Employer Engagement Specialist at the Portland State University School of Business and Adrian Larkin, from the University of Galway. They spoke about the following aspects of Business Studies:

  • The career pathways that students can choose from when they pursue Business Studies
  • Workshops and employer connect support offered by universities
  • Wide range of specialisations that students can opt for
  • The flexibility offered by Business Studies, along with a strong professional foundation

The speakers also discuss the latest trends in the field, like Digital Analytics, International Business and Corporate Cyber Security. Log in to the Cialfo account to watch the complete webinar and learn more about this thriving subject.

About the speaker

Adrian Larkin
University of Galway
Business Innovation Officer

Angela Liu
Portland State University
Career & Employer Engagement Specialist

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