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"The Cialfo event was a standout in our virtual fair experiences in terms of students who are a good fit and the amount of follow-up interest it generated."

Todd St Vrain, University of

Francis Miller

Director of College Counseling, Xian Tie Yi High School, China

"Cialfo's customer support, professional development, and dedication to non-stop product improvement have not only made my work easier, but also have made it easier for our whole counseling team to elevate our counseling program. This is especially visible in the application results at our school."

Carolyn Barr

International Relations Adviser, Leiden University

“It's sometimes very hard to figure out the success rate [of recruitment initiatives]. But for Cialfo with this tool [Higher Ed Insights], it’s much easier for the institution to figure out the success rate.”

Dr. Daniel Saud

Director of International Programs, Admissions, Recruitment & Marketing, Washington State University

"We are excited to partner with Cialfo in increasing higher education access to students across the globe. Since 1890 Washington State has been committed to advancing, extending and applying knowledge through global engagement. Our partnership with Cialfo allows us to deliver on that mission to the 1600+ schools where students use Cialfo to apply to colleges and universities. Our partnership with Cialfo allows us to share the Coug spirit with 100+ countries and inspire future Cougs."

Güniz Gucukoglu

Ted Izmir College, Turkey

"Working with Cialfo feels like being home after a long time. Excellent support and service, easy-to-use features, gathered with a friendly team who always welcome feedback not only makes things easier but it makes it fun. I feel lucky and privileged to go through our usual stressful application session with my first graduating class with Cialfo."