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Reviews from Counselors and Universities

Michelle Duschang

Director of International College Counseling, Hisar School

The Hisar team are excited about adopting Direct Apply (DA) for this upcoming year for our UK and other applications. We really like how DA provides all application information in one central platform for us and our students, making it easier to track all statuses and run reports. We are also excited about the additional value DA provides for our school community, such as application fee waivers, visa support, and guidance for families on post-enrollment information.

Thomas Waterfall

University Counselor, K. International School Tokyo (KIST)

Direct Apply has allowed me and students to further use Cialfo as a one-stop destination for all university related matters. I can now support all my students’ UK and ANZ applications, scholarships, decisions, etc. in one platform. Cialfo’s support was also immaculate, becoming a trusted partner of students, parents, and counselor

Amy Jones

Senior International Recruitment Manager (Americas and Europe), University of Sheffield

The key benefit for Sheffield in working with Cialfo is access to their extensive network of students and counselors across diverse geographic regions. We've been impressed with their Direct Apply service which helps students research their ideal course and identify the university which best suits their needs. Sheffield's outstanding student experience and world class research and teaching makes us one of the top choices for international students in the UK each year and we've welcomed a number of applications as a result of our work with Cialfo. We look forward to further fostering our partnership with Cialfo to support students and counselors in their application journey.

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