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July 2022

Student Summer Workshop - Essential steps to study in the UK

Our fourth session in the Student Summer Workshop series centered around studying in UK universities. Catherine Eames, International Recruitment Manager, Imperial College London explained the UCAS application procedure at length. We also had Pooja Iyer, Associate Director, Direct Apply, talk about Cialfo's Direct Apply route for adding and sending applications to universities in the UK. 

They covered the following aspects during the session:

  • What makes the UK a great destination for higher education?
  • Steps for applying using UCAS and the deadlines that you must remember.
  • Factors to consider for selecting the five universities that students can apply to with a single UCAS form.
  • Do's and Don'ts when writing the Personal Statement for UK universities, and how to make it attractive for recruiters.
  • The five easy steps to submit applications using Cialfo’s Direct Apply. 

You can watch the complete session on Cialfo’s student platform. 

About the speaker

Catherine Eames
Imperial College London
International Recruitment Manager

Pooja Iyer
Associate Director, Direct Apply

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