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July 2022

Student Summer Workshop - Students from the US and Canada answer common queries

The third session of the Student Summer Workshop brought first-hand insight to rising seniors.  Students from universities of the USA and Canada answered common questions about college selection, the Personal Statement, activities beyond the classroom, and much more. 

Here are some key takeaways:

  1. The key factors for choosing a university include the courses and majors offered, career opportunities, culture, and faculty.
  2. Focus on what makes you unique while writing the Personal Statement essay for US universities.
  3. Joining clubs and taking up leadership roles is a good way to create a circle of friends in the university.
  4. Look for job opportunities available on and around campus from regular job listings with the help of your faculty.

The students who participated in the session are Tiancan Xiong from Dalhousie University, Jungyoon from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Victoria Pareira from the University of Denver, Valeria Chazmava from York University, Fatema Al Ajmi from Portland State University, and Emma Yang from the University of Chicago.

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