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July 2022

Student Summer Workshop - Fundamentals of college search and selection

The last session of the Student Summer Workshop talked about the college search process. Jeff Neill, Director of College Counseling, Graded - The American School of Sao Paulo, shared some practical tips that students should follow for finding the right fit college, which is crucial for meaningful higher education. The process for college search and applications using the Cialfo platform was explained by Pooja Iyer, Associate Director, Direct Apply. 

Some highlights from the session are:

  • Identify the criteria for college search, rank them and then do the college research to see which ones match those criteria.
  • Create the Fit Pie Chart that considers the three elements of financial, academic and social requirements.
  • People, facilities, and demographics are the other important factors that students must consider.
  • Self-exploration matters as much as exploring the college options.  
  • It is wise to take time to consider the subject one would like to specialize in, along with the ideal class size and teaching methods.

Watch the complete session by visiting the Cialfo platform

About the speaker

Jeff Neill
Graded International School, Brazil
Director of College Counseling

Pooja Iyer
Associate Director, Direct Apply

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