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September 2022

Student Festival - Learning beyond the classroom

There is much to be gained beyond the classroom, if only students show interest and initiative. During the Cialfo Student Festival, Hilmi Kartasasmita, University of Warwick Alumnus, and Imran Hashim, Senior Liaison Manager at the University of Warwick shared the benefits of taking up projects outside the curriculum.

While such learning is instrumental for landing better career opportunities, it also hones a student as a responsible and collaborative person, and develops leadership skills. University of Warwick provides entrepreneurial culture and flexibility with over 300 student led clubs and societies. It is the 6th most targeted university by UK's top 100 graduate employers.

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About the speaker

Imran Hashim
The University of Warwick
Senior Liaison Manager

Hilmi Kartasasmita
The University of Warwick

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