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June 2021

Clearing and Adjustment in UK universities

Some time back we welcomed Jim Faherty to discuss UK Applications. We dived into the UCAS Clearing and Adjustment processes, milestones for students heading into the summer break, or applying with early applications to Oxbridge. Jim is a University Guidance Counselor at ISF Academy in Hong Kong.  Before being a school counselor, Jim worked as a student recruitment and admissions officer at the University of Liverpool and Goldsmith University of London. If you work with any students interested in attending university in the UK, this short edited chat is a must.

Highlights & Takeaways

UCAS's Clearing & Adjustment process and how best to support your students.

Clearing Plus and why this is a handy tool for students altering plans after exam results are released.

We discussed how counselors could limit the number of students needing clearing.

Jim shared his benchmarks for students heading into summer break and their UK apps.

Plus! - hear his take on one of the best strategies students need to implement if they are interested in making an Oxbridge application.

About the speaker

Jim Faherty
Green School Bali
High School Counsellor (Pathways)

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