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August 2022

International ACAC - Role of counselors as student advocates

Cialfo's Tim Munnerlyn hosted an immensely insightful webinar on student advocacy and family meetings during the International ACAC 2022. The speakers included Jeffrey Niell, Director of College Counseling, Graded - The American School of São Paulo, Sheri Neal, High School Counselor at The American School in Japan, David Girvan, Associate Director Of Admission at Pitzer College, and Johanna Fishbein, Director of University and College Counseling at TASIS-Switzerland.

They spoke about the importance of tackling difficult conversations early, understanding the perspective of parents, and giving students confidence to do self-advocacy. The need to align students' goals with the aspirations of parents was well explained.

To watch the unedited version of this gripping webinar, do log in or sign up to the Cialfo Community of counselors. Not using Cialfo to simplify your work as a counselor yet? Sign your school up for a free account here.

About the speaker

Jeff Neill
Graded International School, Brazil
Director of College Counseling

Johanna Fishbein
Director of University and College Counseling

David Girvan
Associate Director of Admissions

Sheri Neal
High School College Counselor

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