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October 2021

Starting career conversations with students

One of the most important roles of a guidance counselor is to help students figure out their career path. Narrowing down their preferences, interests and capabilities can help both counselors and students develop a high-school plan that will support their aspirations. However, understanding each student’s abilities, dreams and requirements is more than simply asking what they want to do. Is there an ideal process or framework?

Cialfo invited two renowned career counselors who share their experience on how to start a career conversation with students and guide them to reach their goals. What are the kinds of career conversations happening in schools today between students and counselors? How soon is too soon to begin?  Robert Shields and Sudarshana Shukla discuss with Tim Munnerlyn the different ways in which counselors can get the ball rolling.

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About the speaker

Robert Shields
Shanghai Qibao Dwight High School
American Principal and former Director of College Counseling

Sudarshana Shukla
The Cathedral & John Connon School
Guidance Counselor

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