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July 2022

International ACAC - Improving student engagement beyond emails

The International ACAC 2022 Conference saw three experienced counselors coming together to speak about ways in which students can be engaged more effectively. They shared the methods they are using, moving beyond emails, to keep students engaged. The session also featured a survey conducted by Branksome Hall Asia where students expressed their preferred communication channels.

Here are some highlights from the session featuring Kelley Christman, University Counselor, Branksome Hall Asia,  Robbie Shields, American Principal and former Director of College Counseling, Shanghai Qibao Dwight and Dwight School and Francis Miller, Director of College Counseling at Xi’an Tie Yi High School.

  • Personal communication with counselors is the most preferred route for students.
  • The most critical barrier to communication is the challenge in scheduling meetings.
  • Counselors can use platforms like Cialfo, Google classroom, etc. to reach students effectively.
  • Social media, Q&A sessions and whiteboards offer innovative ways of engagement.

About the speaker

Kelley Christman
Branksome Hall Asia
University Counselor

Robert Shields
Shanghai Qibao Dwight High School
American Principal and former Director of College Counseling

Francis Miller
Xi’an Tie Yi High School, China
Director of College Counseling

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