Time-saving tips and tools for every counselor

Time-saving tips and tools for every counselorSubmit feedback now
October 2022

College counselors play a significant role in helping future college students choose their right-fit universities and career paths. But, many of them get caught up with lots of paperwork and handling loaded inboxes instead of dedicating their time to conversing and building relationships with students.In this episode of Let's Talk Higher Ed, our host Tim Munnerlyn chats with Jeffrey Neill, Director of College Counseling at Graded - The American School of São Paulo, to find out how counselors can make the smartest use of their time and resources to maximize their efficiency in the workplace. The two discuss the FedEx Day concept, share tips on calendaring for students and counselors, and give advice on burnout prevention for counselors.

For more time-saving hacks, join the Cialfo Community and check out the original Time-saving Tips and Tools for Every Counselor webinar recap here. We also discuss Counselor Self-care and Mental Health in this webinar recap here. Find out how Cialfo is connecting high school students and their counselors with their right-fit universities through the power of communities and technology here.

About the speaker

Tim Munnerlyn
Senior Director, Education Partnerships

Jeff Neill
Graded International School, Brazil
Director of College Counseling

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