Your UC Admissions FAQs Answered by a UCSB Admissions Officer

Your UC Admissions FAQs Answered by a UCSB Admissions OfficerSubmit feedback now
December 2022

The University of California (UC) schools are often dream universities for many students aspiring to pursue further education in the United States. Unlike the majority of US institutions, UC schools do not do not use the Common App, but instead have their own application system!

In this episode of Let's Talk Higher Ed, our host Tim Munnerlyn welcomes Cuca Acosta, Associate Director of Admissions at the University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB). Cuca and Tim get into the uniqueness of the UC application and how the UCSB reviews applications. They dive into why you should not submit letters of recommendation to apply to UC, and the situations in which UC will use SAT or ACT scores in the selection process.

For more resources on applications to the US, join the Cialfo Community here.

About the speaker

Tim Munnerlyn
Senior Director, Education Partnerships

Cuca Acosta
University of Santa Barbara (UCSB)
Associate Director of Admissions

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