Schools are changing fast, but you can be faster.

In so many ways, this school year feels like mapping uncharted territory. Cialfo can help you engage students and connect educators to students and their families — even if you're doing it remotely.

What Cialfo can do for you

Students and Guardians

Explore future possibilities, from potential best-fit colleges to new and upcoming career options.

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Counselors and Teachers

Engage your students remotely, keep track of their progress, and plan their applications.

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School Leaders and Principals

Drill down into your school's success metrics and student outcomes.

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"My usual laborious tasks of university planning, recommending universities and keeping application records seem to have become so easy. I can now devote more time talking to more students."

Melissa, Reedley International School

Student engagement made simpler

Engage your students with assessments, teach them resumes with Resume Builder, or use Surveys to learn more about them.

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A better way to talk to students and their guardians

Connecting with students, guardians, and teachers has never been easier. Schedule meetings in one click, write and send a message via SMS, email, or in-app chat, or use Broadcasts to send messages to several people at once.

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Share college and career opportunities

Explore a world of opportunities on Cialfo! From college exploration to career assessments, engage your students and guardians with all the information they need to prepare for their future.

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Build reports to dig into important metrics

How engaged are your students? Are they staying on top of their task list? What are your student outcomes? With Reports, you can drill down into your school's success metrics — whatever they are.

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Manage student progress and stay organized with Tasks

From the Online University Fair to private college webinars, students and their families can access and attend hundreds of events — exclusive to Cialfo.

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