What is Physics? With the University of Wisconsin

What is Physics? With the University of WisconsinSubmit feedback now
February 2023

The goal of this podcast is to serve as a primer for High Schoolers about a Major, through our conversations with Faculty Experts in the various US Colleges and Universities.

We kick off this episode with Physics in this podcast with Professor Sridhara Dasu, Chair of the Department of Physics at the University of Wisconsin Madison.

In particular, we discuss the following with him:

What is Physics?

A Brief History of Physics

Branches of Physics

Skills Needed to Study College Physics

Opportunities for Physics Majors

Topics discussed in this episode:

Introducing Prof. Sridhara Dasu, UW Madison [0:49]

What is Physics? [2:48]

A Brief History of Physics [3:42]

Areas of Physics - By Scale [6:53]

Impact of Curiosity-driven Physics in our Lives  [12:30]

Hot Areas of Physics Research [16:52]

Prepping for Physics in High School [26:19]

Undergraduate Study of Physics [29:47]

Opportunities for a Physics Major [32:17]

Prof Dasu’s Physics Journey [36:06]

Our Guest: Dr Sridhara Dasu, Chair of the Physics Department, University of Wisconsin Madison.

Memorable Quote: “it's very hard to stay in physics,... you know, get into physics, if you like, if you don't have that spark and interest in the subject matter. So most people are very driven. They're pretty good at what they're doing. So I think getting to meet the smart people, work alongside them, argue with them, have dinner with them in nice places in Geneva.”

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