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September 2022

The pathway for applying to UK universities

We launched the Counselor Foundation webinar series with Cialfo's Tim Munnerlyn and Matthew Crisp, International Student Recruitment Manager at University of Surrey. Speaking about the pathway that students should take to gain admission to universities in the UK, Matthew explained the benefits, process and academic requirements.

The UK universities attract students from all across the globe. Here are some pointers that can help them study in the UK.

  • UK universities offer a blend of traditional and modern approach, with focus on academic excellence.
  • Research based and independent learning is the foundation of most undergraduate courses in the UK.
  • There's flexibility in course structure, and students can gain industry-relevant experience.
  • Location, fees, facilities, curriculum and specialization offered are some leading deciding factors.
  • Students can apply through UCAS, as well as visit the Cialfo platform to search and apply to the UK using Direct Apply.

To watch the complete webinar, visit the Cialfo Community or register as a member and avail endless resources.

About the speaker

Matthew Crisp
University of Surrey
International Student Recruitment Manager

Tim Munnerlyn
Senior Director, Education Partnerships

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