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September 2022

Student Festival - Study abroad opportunities

We were joined by Kathleen Meagher, Global Learning Coordinator at the York University in Canada, for the Student Festival. She shared a lot of useful information about the scope of learning beyond the classroom and answered queries from our global student community. Kathleen focused on the opportunities that students can avail.

  • The York University has academic partnerships with over 300 colleges across 64 countries.
  • Global internships, as well as Global Networked Learning programs help to develop problem solving and intercultural skills.
  • The university is known for its emphasis on Sustainable Development Goals, and students engage in SDGs in Action Challenge.
  • Scholarships and support are offered to students for studying in other countries.

There's more to know about how students can benefit from these programs. Log in to your Cialfo account and watch the complete webinar.

About the speaker

Kathleen Meagher
York University, Canada
Global Learning Coordinator

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