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September 2022

Student Festival - First-year community programs

"When you are studying abroad, you are going not just for an education, but also for an adventure." That's what our Student Festival guest speaker Natalie Spicer, Associate Director International, James Cook University, Australia, said to students aspiring for a global degree. Community programs at college play a significant role in creating a network of peers and mentors, and gaining valuable experiences beyond the classroom. Natalie advised students to research about the destination they are going to and understand the lifestyle they will be adopting for the next few years.

James Cook University is the leading college in Australia for student experiences, and the second for graduate salaries. It focuses on success principles like accessibility, inclusivity, empowerment, assimilation, building confidence and career development. Log in to the Cialfo platform to watch the complete webinar and get more interesting insights about studying in Australia.

About the speaker

Natalie Spicer
James Cook University Australia
Associate Director International

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