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October 2022

Inspire Path - How to choose your college and undergraduate program

The Inspire Path aims to provide the best guidance to students regarding the college pathway. We invited Dr. Graham Christie from the University of Dundee and Beau Garry from the Imperial College London to speak about the factors that students should keep top of mind when shortlisting universities and programs. They spoke about the following elements:

  1. Navigating college rankings, and considering ratings for the specific course
  2. Understanding the pros and cons of the college location
  3. Opportunities for on campus jobs, and placement support
  4. Academic support available to students, in class and beyond the classroom
  5. Style of teaching, class size and methods of assessment

Learn about all these factors and more by visiting your Cialfo account.

About the speaker

Beau Garry
Imperial College London
International Officer

Dr. Graham Christie
University of Dundee
University Academic Regional Head for SE Asia

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