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October 2022

Inspire Path - Choosing between university courses and universities

Choosing a college and the most appropriate program is not the easiest decision for any student. As a part of our Inspire Path campaign, we invited Charlotte Davison, Regional Manager, and Sarah Tan Lin Li, a current student, at Loughborough University to talk about the factors that impact the choice. Here are some key factors they mentioned:

  • The subjects and curriculum offered in the program
  • Location of the university and the support available to students
  • Interest of students in the subject and the career prospects they can explore
  • Extracurricular activities and societies that students can be a part of

To know more about the culture at Loughborough University, and get guidance for choosing your university, visit the Cialfo platform.

About the speaker

Charlotte Davison
Loughborough University
Regional Manager

Loughborough University

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