Is Community College “A Smarter Option?"

Is Community College “A Smarter Option?"Submit feedback now
March 2023

This podcast is to serve as a primer on Community Colleges in the US.

Dr Miloni Gandhi, Adjunct Faculty at Foothill College in California tells us why US and International students should seriously consider applying to them.

In particular, we discuss the following with her:

  • What is a Community College?
  • Why should a student consider Community College?
  • How do you Select Community Colleges to Apply to?
  • How do you Apply?
  • Advice to Students once they get there

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Introducing Dr. Miloni Gandhi, Foothill College, CA [0:39]
  • What are Community Colleges? [2:49]
  • Why is Miloni teaching at a Community College? [11:22]
  • Why should a Student consider Community Colleges? [12:04]
  • How to Pick Community Colleges to apply to?  [18:02]
  • Cost of Studying at a Community College [26:18]
  • How to Apply [27:32]
  • Advice: Once you are admitted [31:42]
  • Close: Community Colleges are a Smarter Option [37:11]

Our Guest: Our Guest: Miloni Gandhi Adjunct Faculty at Foothill College, California, is a graduate of the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) with Bachelor’s degree in International Development Studies and Geography. Miloni then graduated with a MA and PhD in Social Sciences and Comparative Education from UCLA. Miloni can be reached at

Memorable Quote: “And you'll find that the Community College Faculty is on par with a lot of the faculty at four year colleges. We have faculty who go on Fulbright grants for teaching, we have faculty who do incredible research”.

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