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November 2022

When Herb was in High School, he wanted to be an architect, though he didn’t quite know what it was. After High School, he went to college but dropped out after 2 years. After working in retail for a number of years, he went back to college to pursue Architecture. In this podcast, Herb shares his College Journey, Career Flow, About US Colleges, Exploring Colleges, Majors, the impact of College, and Advice for High Schoolers and Parents.
In particular, we discuss the following with him:

College Journey

Types of US Colleges

How to Explore Colleges, Majors

College Impact

Advice to High Schoolers

Topics discussed in this episode:

Introducing Dr. Herb Childress [0:50]

Hi Fives - Podcast Highlights [2:01]

The Initial College Journey [5:08]

On Going Back to College [9:48]

Types of US Colleges [11:11]

How Families Should Approach College Education [19:37]

Majors - How to Explore [24:25]

Finding Your Passion [27:23]

Looking for a College Degree versus College Experience [29:35]

Finding Your College [32:11]

Herb’s College Experience [36:28]

Impact of College [40:08]

Advice to High Schoolers [42:41]

Our Guest: Dr. Herb Childress is a Writer, Social Researcher and Academic. Dr. Childress received the Bachelor of Arts degree in Architecture from the University of California Berkeley. He then earned his Ph.D. in Architecture (Environment- Behavior Studies) from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. Dr. Childress has a number of fiction and nonfiction books to his credit. Memorable Quote: “ Every good thing that's happened in my career is because I've said yes to some opportunity that I was afraid of.” Dr. Herb Childress.

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