Andrew Maguire on Hidden Curriculum and International Students

Andrew Maguire on Hidden Curriculum and International StudentsSubmit feedback now
December 2022

Andrew Maguire is the author of a new book Teaching Between the Lines, about the Hidden Curriculum.

Andrew joins us on our podcast today and talks about the Academic and Social Impact to International Students during the college applications process, the college years, and ways to mitigate the impact.

In particular, we discuss the following with him:

  • What is Hidden Curriculum?
  • How does the Hidden Curriculum impact Int’l Students
  • Role of Colleges
  • Tools & Resources for International Students

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Introducing Andrew Maguire, Author Teaching Between the Lines [0:45]
  • A Hidden Curriculum Recap [3:45]
  • Impact on International Students [5:15]
  • Academic Impact [6:48]
  • Office Hours - Andrew’s Story [11:10]
  • Social Impact [12:25]
  • The Application Process for Int’l Students [17:33]
  • Dealing with the Hidden Curriculum [19:50]
  • Campus Resources to Help Int’l Students [23:19]
  • Things Colleges can do to Help [26:07]
  • Advice for Students [28:51]
  • Similar Challenges: Int’l and US Students [30:07]

Our Guest: Andrew Maguire is the author of the upcoming book Teaching Between the Lines.  Andrew is a graduate of Vanderbilt University with a Bachelor’s degree in American Studies and Psychology. Andrew then graduated with a Master’s in Public Administration from New York University.

Memorable Quote: “...for international students, the challenges are not so foreign, are [not] so different from an American student’s experiences. You know, there will be, of course, different ways that they experience it. But I think, you know, understanding that the impacts are in some ways universal, I think is really powerful.” Andrew Maguire on the Impact of the Hidden Curriculum.

About the speaker

R C Venkatraman
Alma Matters
Founder & CEO

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