How to prepare for this year's NACAC

How to prepare for this year's NACAC Submit feedback now
September 2022

The pandemic has changed how we do business and organize conferences. Most conferences were held online; but, as things return to normal, we see more and more events being organized in the old-fashioned way or in a hybrid manner. One such conference was hosted by National Association of College Admission Counselors (NACAC), in September in Houston, Texas. We invited three individuals on this episode of Let's Talk Higher Ed to discuss the conference before the conference. Cynthia Crum, Megan Mankerian-Stem, and Trevor H. Rusert joined our host Tim Munnerlyn to talk about how they prepare for the conference and what their expectations are this year.

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About the speaker

Tim Munnerlyn
Senior Director, Education Partnerships

Cynthia Crum
The Episcopal Academy
Director of College Counseling

Megan Mankerian-Stem
Creighton University
Director of International Enrollment

Trevor Rusert
Chadwick International School
Director of College Counseling

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