Data-driven insights for your school

Cialfo helps you discover student patterns in your school and make sense of data.

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"Cialfo's not only really good for students — it's great for teachers and administrators getting their data out year after year for reports."

Andrew Weiser
International School Bangkok

Promote your school

The data you need, whether you're presenting to the school board or at a parent-teacher meeting

Keep parents happy and satisfied

Are students achieving their goals? Are your school programs working? Answer these questions and more.

Build your school profile

Reports take the heavy lifting out of school profiles. Track your school's performance from start to finish.

Improve your efforts

Actionable insights to help you improve student outcomes

Student outcome reports

Measure how well your school is performing across time.

One-click report generation

Just select the data you need, pick a date range, and click export.

Track past and current students

Application histories help you keep track of alumni outcomes.

Measure the data that's important to you

  •    Class profiles
  •    Student data
  •    Application by college
  •    Summary data
  •    Teacher recommendations
  •    College matriculation
  •    Application likelihood
  •    Score profiles
  •    Test ranges
  •    Student outcomes

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