Keep families engaged, even from home

Remote learning has never been more important. Cialfo can help you keep your students actively engaged.

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Increase student participation

Connecting with students is hard enough without doing it virtually. Cialfo helps your school bridge the gap.

Assign comprehensive assessments

Get a holistic understanding of your students with assessments backed by clinical research. Cialfo's assessments are powered in partnership with Human eSources.

Ask the important questions with surveys

Create and send surveys to anyone with a beautifully simple drag-and-drop builder.

Build resumes quickly with Resume Builder

Enough writer's block or formatting issues. Cialfo's Resume Builder automatically creates a resume based off student profiles.

"We chose Cialfo because it offered us ways of connecting with students in new and innovative ways and allowed parents to keep up with how their student is progressing. "

Lauren Hoyt
The Hill School

Keep parents in the loop

Leverage guardian accounts so parents stay updated on their child's progress

Simple communication tools

With guardian accounts, you can automatically include parents in any announcements or messages.

Comprehensive dashboard

Share a holistic and detailed view of student progress with their guardians.

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