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Direct Apply equips counselors and students with the ability to seamlessly submit and manage college applications to thousands of programs globally, via a single application form.

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of counselors endorse Direct Apply for increasing the accuracy of students submissions
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of counselors love Cialfo’s timely and proactive support throughout the high-intensity application cycle
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of counselors recognize Direct Apply’s exclusive cost-saving benefits for students
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How it works

Submit and manage global applications
in 3 simple steps

Single-form Submission

Designed to reduce common input errors, students use just one form to seamlessly apply to undergraduate programs globally.

All-in-one Platform

Counselors manage all global applications directly on Cialfo in a singular, accessible space.

Comprehensive Insights

Maintain complete oversight of your entire student population’s application progress and receive timely updates from submission to enrollment.

Access top study destinations on Direct Apply

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United Kingdom
Apply to all UK universities with Direct Apply
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Apply to all Australian universities with Direct Apply
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And established institutions in the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia and more!
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4 out of 5 counselors believe Direct Apply creates successful student outcomes

Precision Perfected

Harness the power of Direct Apply, the only product on the market to integrate technology to maximize accuracy for your submissions.

We improve the quality of each submission with:

  • A centralized submission form

  • Seamless data transfer

  • Technology-aided review

On-demand Support

Enjoy full confidence that expert help for your submissions is readily available at your fingertips:

  • 24/5 Live Chat support

  • Personalized assistance from the Direct Apply team

  • Extensive resources on Help Center

Smart Savings

Empower your students to enjoy exclusive cost-saving benefits when they use Direct Apply:

  • Application fee waivers for UK and Australia

  • Complimentary consultations for visas, accommodation booking, tuition fee payments, insurance and more

Trusted by counselors globally 

Whether you’re just starting out or already an accomplished counselor, you’ll find something to rejoice about with Direct Apply. 

Hear from our global counselor community who have tried and tested Direct Apply’s game-changing impact on streamlining the global application submissions and management process. 

My students have benefited tremendously from Direct Apply. In particular, it has simplified the UK application process for us. The entire process can be managed with just one form! That has been very efficient, and this is the feedback that we have received from the students and the counseling team. We also have access to experts on the Direct Apply team when we need clarifications. It’s been great working with such an easy-to-use solution.

Ajay Menon

Oakridge International School, Bangalore

Direct Apply is very simple to use. I remember one of our students receiving an offer after just one or two days after application! The whole Cialfo team is also very supportive. They will help to check the students’ documents and information, and can also communicate with the universities on behalf of the counselors, while protecting the students’ privacy.

Gaby Dong

College Center Department Chair, The Affiliated High School of Peking University

The Hisar team are excited about adopting Direct Apply (DA) for this upcoming year for our UK and other applications. We really like how DA provides all application information in one central platform for us and our students, making it easier to track all statuses and run reports. We are also excited about the additional value DA provides for our school community, such as application fee waivers, visa support, and guidance for families on post-enrollment information.

Michelle Duschang

Director of International College Counseling, Hisar School

Direct Apply has allowed me and students to further use Cialfo as a one-stop destination for all university related matters. I can now support all my students’ UK and ANZ applications, scholarships, decisions, etc. in one platform. Cialfo’s support was also immaculate, becoming a trusted partner of students, parents, and counselor

Thomas Waterfall

University Counselor, K. International School Tokyo (KIST)

Direct Apply proved to be remarkably straightforward. Both students and counselors can complete the application directly on Cialfo, eliminating the need for a separate portal. Moreover, the application fee was waived, and Cialfo provided timely reminders for submission. The university outcomes were promptly updated as offers were released. Students will receive visa support as part of Direct Apply.

Seema Kaushik

Career Counselor, Global Indian International School

In the past, we had to manually review each student's application for accuracy. This year through Direct Apply, the Cialfo team helped us double check each application for any issues, making our review process faster and more secure. They would raise any tiny point that could potentially be an issue and encourage us to confirm with our students. All these efforts facilitated our work and provided a sense of security for us counselors.

Dr. Lei Jiang

Senior College Counselor, Shanghai World Foreign Language

I decided to use Direct Apply for my students’ applications to the UK and Australia, because of the ease in uploading the required documents. There’s also an application fee waiver, which is very helpful to our students who may require financial aid. The addition of a Cialfo advisor who shepherds each student from application to visa application is also a big plus, as it eliminates the need for agents who can be very expensive. It’s also like having an additional assistant at work, because they make sure that any additional documents that have yet to be submitted will be managed within the deadline. There are many ways to get in touch with Cialfo, and someone is always there to answer your questions. For me, this kind of customer service is invaluable and something that distinguishes Cialfo from the others.

Luli Bernas

Outgoing University Counselor, Chinese International School Manila

Direct Apply is efficient, comprehensive, and user-friendly. It provided the platform and assistance for our counselors to conveniently manage application materials, including reference letters and predicted scores. The Cialfo team also provided professional suggestions for filling in the applications. One aspect that stood out to me was the accurate and detailed program information available on Direct Apply, allowing us counselors to tailor our guidance to each student’s aspirations. Additionally, the team’s assistance was remarkable, simplifying what can often be a daunting task!

Yuky Sun

Director of College Counseling, Sendelta International Academy

Direct Apply is one of the best platforms for college application submissions and management, especially for the UK. It is very user-friendly with awesome features for both students and counselors. I appreciate how Direct Apply allows for counselor approval for each application, as it allows us to verify and review all of our students’ applications before submission. Supporting documents can be also be easily viewed and edited, along with easy tracking of the status of each submission. The Direct Apply team is also extremely supportive and always ready to help.

Suresh Rao Marate

University & Career Counselor Executive, Sreenidhi International School

I’ve been using Cialfo’s Direct Apply for three years, and it has been a great support to us. The Cialfo team helps to track the admissions process and provides timely updates, which greatly contributes to the overall efficiency of the admissions exercise. Each submission undergoes a careful review, and in the event of any necessary adjustments, the Cialfo team will coordinate with us to make the changes and patiently respond to any questions we may have. I’m very impressed with the team’s remarkable sense of responsibility and their earnest support.

Jia Zhao

School Counselor, Springboard International Bilingual School

I would describe Cialfo’s Direct Apply as time-saving, secure and easy. As a first-year college counselor, I can confidently say that the Direct Apply feature has minimized my concerns and workload, thanks to its ability to upload documents smoothly, smooth tracking of application status, and timely notifications for follow-up actions. I would like to thank the Cialfo team for being with us when we needed them and for their patience.

Melike Ulusal

Overseas College Counselor, ALKEV Private Schools

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