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What students want from university recruitment teams - Cialfo research

How many university marketers and recruiters today are confident that they know just how to engage best with Gen Z?

Leslie Birch
May 31, 2022
What students want from university recruitment teams - Cialfo research
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What students want from university recruitment teams - Cialfo research

In our world of information overload, high school students (AKA digital natives) are bombarded with a daily barrage of texts, instant messages, videos, Snaps, and tweets from friends, family, influencers, and every type of advertiser under the sun. 

So what does this mean for university recruiting professionals trying to break through all this noise and connect with potential students? What are international students really looking for in their college application experience?

What do high school students want from universities?

To find out, we went directly to the source - members of the Cialfo Student Advisory Board. The board is composed of students who have either started or will soon be starting on their individual college application journeys. We launched the Student Advisory Board in 2021 as a way to build a student community that we could learn from in real-time. These student advisors represent countries spanning the globe, including: India, Taiwan, South Korea, Turkey, Singapore, the Philippines, Japan, and Malaysia. 

To find out what today’s student expects from university recruiters, we recently asked Student Advisory Board members to share their thoughts on the following topics:

  • How do students feel about university outreach today? 
  • What specific information are students seeking from universities?
  • What types of content work to grab (and keep) their attention?
  • How can universities take advantage of digital tools to offer students the types of information and connection they are seeking?

We’ve compiled their insights into a snack-sized infographic that offers valuable tips for cutting through the digital clutter and building authentic relationships with international students. 

Download it here to see if your current university recruiting strategy is designed to meet students’ expectations.

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