10 Positive Pandemic Online Stories from Students and Faculty

10 Positive Pandemic Online Stories from Students and FacultySubmit feedback now
February 2023

A Physics Professor hustling to move Labs online, a college senior finally learning to play chess, a high school senior who discovers her public speaking skills, student entrepreneurs and more.  10 Vignettes showcasing those, who in spite of being forced to be Online during the Pandemic, had something to offer that was positive, inspiring, noteworthy or worthy of celebrating.

The 10 Positive Stories fall into 5 different buckets.

Topics discussed in this episode:

Introducing Episode #200 [0:17]

Adapt & Workaround [1:54]

Learning Something New [7:27]

Entrepreneurial Ventures [10:28]

Unexpected Benefits [17:07]

New Possibilities [20:57]

Our Guests:

Students, Faculty, AOs, Counselors featured in our Podcast over the last 2 years.

Memorable Quote: “We're all sitting at home alone, like, let's try to make a community. And so we just kind of started this chat room essentially.” Thomas Athey on his High School Senior Pandemic Summer.

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About the speaker

R C Venkatraman
Alma Matters
Founder & CEO

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