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Cialfo connects students, their families and counselors with higher education institutions around the world

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Form more - and more meaningful - relationships with students, counselors and parents at virtual engagement events customized to meet your institution’s needs and goals.

Engage with 310,000+ students from 100+ countries at Cialfo’s Ask Me Anything: University Discovery Weeks, Career Fairs, or branded webinars. Deliver content the way students want it.

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A, Singapore

Cialfo Student

"I loved the level of interactions we were able to have with the university representatives. It was truly a memorable experience which helped me come to my own conclusions about which unis I might apply to."

B, Indonesia

Cialfo Student

“I highly appreciate your efforts for making this whole college browsing process much less daunting and complicated. The events so far were executed perfectly”

C, Japan

Cialfo Student

“I loved the way that I could speak up and ask questions and that it wasn't some one-way video like session where the professor was just feeding me with information."

Jen Abreu

College Counseling Team Leader, NIST Thailand

"Our students were excited and eager to join the webinars and we are incredibly grateful that students are able to go back and listen to the recordings. Our students responded very favorably to this event, as the topics covered were varied and informative."

Vanya Nario

IB DP Psychology Teacher and IB College Counselor at One World International School

“I think Cialfo should organise more sessions like this. It was a great experience!”

Develop strong relationships

Build relationships with high schools and their students from key regions through Virtual Visits. University representatives can book visits with network schools at times and dates shared in advance by the high school counselors. Take all the guesswork out of planning your high school visits calendar!

Cialfo also organizes exclusive “Counselor Connect” networking events for counselors to meet and interact with representatives from different universities. These intimate “speed dating” style events for 10-20 counselors and universities help start genuine conversations and establish connections.

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  • Add testimonials to get noticed.

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Megan Mankerian-Stem

Director of International Enrollment Office of Undergraduate Admissions, Creighton University

"I love using College Visits as it’s a great way to really make the most of my travels this fall. It’s incredibly helpful to see the available dates and times for each school, as well as learn who’s moved schools during the pandemic! As recruiters start to hit the road again, it’s a great transition back into creating robust schedules and really making sure that we are supporting as many schools and students as possible while in country."

Greg Friedman

Director of International Admission, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

"1 on 1 counselor appointments and small group visits are extremely valuable for our team to identify the best fit students and build relationships with counselors. I encourage all high school guidance counselors to help us by providing visit availability in the Cialfo platform along with any other information regarding what they are looking for in a university visit. We are more than happy to cater our visits or presentations to better fit the needs of each school and community, whether that is in person or virtual."

Emerson Buczolits

Manager of International Student Recruitment, OCAD University

"The OCAD University Admissions & Recruitment office is dedicated to creating and providing quality and accessible services for our potential applicants. The digital space allows us to interact with more students worldwide than ever before through means of videos, info-sessions, online workshops and more."

University, Ireland

“It's the first time that we are engaging with live data and are able to drill into specific data that can help us benchmark against our peer institutions.”

Francis Miller

Director of College Counseling, Xian Tie Yi High School, China

"Cialfo's customer support, professional development, and dedication to non-stop product improvement have not only made my work easier, but also have made it easier for our whole counseling team to elevate our counseling program. This is especially visible in the application results at our school."

Sudarshana Shukla

Guidance Counsellor, The Cathedral and John Connon School, Mumbai

“Direct Apply is an amazing tool, and it’s great that you have individual advisors walking students through the process. It just gives the students and us confidence in the product. Direct Apply makes things so efficient in terms of completing the application — student details are pre-populated from the information they’ve filled in on Cialfo.”

Carolyn Barr

International Relations Adviser, Leiden University

“It's sometimes very hard to figure out the success rate [of recruitment initiatives]. But for Cialfo with this tool [Higher Ed Insights], it’s much easier for the institution to figure out the success rate.”

Dr. Daniel Saud

Director of International Programs, Admissions, Recruitment & Marketing, Washington State University

"We are excited to partner with Cialfo in increasing higher education access to students across the globe. Since 1890 Washington State has been committed to advancing, extending and applying knowledge through global engagement. Our partnership with Cialfo allows us to deliver on that mission to the 1600+ schools where students use Cialfo to apply to colleges and universities. Our partnership with Cialfo allows us to share the Coug spirit with 100+ countries and inspire future Cougs."

Nahid Afshan

Head of Admissions, BITS Pilani Dubai Campus

"Cialfo certainly has an impressive network of schools across various countries and is increasingly perceived as a very student-friendly virtual platform by schools, to identify and shortlist the universities and various undergraduate programmes of the students’ interest. So in these challenging times, when we are unable to meet or connect with the schools physically, this seems to be the perfect virtual solution to connect with schools and students across the globe."

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