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Over 2000 high schools across the world rely on Cialfo to help their students find their ideal career and college destinations.

Discover your strengths

With the science-backed Assessments in Cialfo, you can not only understand your own strengths and talent better but also discover the fields of study that could suit you best.

Once your counselor has assigned them to you, Assessments will be visible to you in your dashboard.

Find your ideal careers and courses

Figuring out your preferred career, course, or major from the plethora of available options can be difficult, but we are here to help.

Student workshops, career counseling sessions, virtual college fairs as well as various in-person events organized by Cialfo teams help students learn more about the choices available to them.

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Interact directly with universities

With Cialfo, students (and their counselors and guardians) have direct access to a large variety of universities globally. You can attend college visits scheduled by your counselor, get your questions answered directly by university representatives, view university profiles and request brochures, and much more. We help you collect all the information you need, to make the best decisions.

What’s more, you can even do all this just from your phone — with the Cialfo app.

Identify colleges you would thrive in

Once you have shortlisted universities and colleges of your interest, Cialfo’s intelligent matching algorithm will indicate which are a likely fit, a good target, or a reach. You’ll also be able to see previous admission trends of your target universities with our Scattergrams.

All this helps ensure that your list is balanced and improves your chances of a successful candidature.

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