University programs customized for your students

Direct Apply connects international students to university programs around the world, tailored for their needs.

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Access alternative undergraduate programs

Cialfo works with top universities and foundation program partners. Discover, shortlist, and apply to programs in under 5 minutes — all in Cialfo.

A simple, secure channel to top universities

Spend less time on paperwork by applying directly to universities

Easy applications

All the documents and information you need are already stored in Cialfo, so you don't need to recreate them for each application.

Get results in weeks

Find out if you're admitted in weeks instead of months. You'll be contacted directly by the university or their partners.

Programs customized for your student

Your students have diverse needs. Direct Apply offers equally diverse programs.


Improve academic English language skills before starting your degree.

International Year 1

Level up academics before entering the second year of your degree.

Direct Entry

Apply directly to the first year of an undergraduate program.


Prepare for subject-specific knowledge.

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