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Guide your students more effectively with Cialfo webinars

Worried about how to get together a complete counseling curriculum for your students? With Cialfo, things are easier. You will find a wealth of student-friendly university webinars and workshops being offered regularly, to keep your students engaged and help them along their college search journey.

Check out all our past webinars or log into the platform to explore the events that are live now.

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Here’s what our audience says about our webinars

Jen Abreu

College Counseling Team Leader, NIST Thailand

"Our students were excited and eager to join the webinars and we are incredibly grateful that students are able to go back and listen to the recordings. Our students responded very favorably to this event, as the topics covered were varied and informative."

C, Japan

Cialfo Student

“I loved the way that I could speak up and ask questions and that it wasn't some one-way video like session where the professor was just feeding me with information."

B, Indonesia

Cialfo Student

“I highly appreciate your efforts for making this whole college browsing process much less daunting and complicated. The events so far were executed perfectly”

A, Singapore

Cialfo Student

"I loved the level of interactions we were able to have with the university representatives. It was truly a memorable experience which helped me come to my own conclusions about which unis I might apply to."

Vanya Nario

IB DP Psychology Teacher and IB College Counselor at One World International School

“I think Cialfo should organise more sessions like this. It was a great experience!”

Self-discovery with Assessments

Research-backed Assessments within Cialfo help students to understand themselves better. Counselors can use these to explore each student’s strengths and development areas, before working with their class on their college and career goals. You can assign any of the Assessments included in your Cialfo plan to your students.

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To learn more about Assessments on Cialfo, ask for a demo today.

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Get the answers you need with Surveys

Easily gather the information you need from your students and guardians using Cialfo’s Surveys. From a short “getting to know you” to those all-important year-end questions, Surveys help counselors, like you, get the answers you need to do your job faster.

Create and send multiple surveys within minutes to students and guardians, and collect the responses directly in Cialfo.

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Engage better with guardians

If a school chooses to enable guardian accounts, counselors can use Cialfo to keep parents and guardians updated about their students’ progress. A guardian can:

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Participate in the college search process with the student.

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Attend virtual events with the student.

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View the student’s college lists and tasks.

Counselors can also include guardians in any messages or announcements being sent out via Cialfo.

Here’s what some of our clients say about us

Jesse Reuter

Counselor, Loyola High School, Los Angeles

"In searching for a new college counseling platform, our team identified two must haves - excellent customer service, and the ability to send documents to all colleges. Cialfo has exceeded those expectations and has been a breath of fresh air."

Arianto Trisnadi

College Counselor, Beacon Academy, Jakarta

"Cialfo has provided us with a user-friendly tool that fits the needs of today's modern students. The platform is intuitive and provides a lot of options that can be adjusted to the needs of not only students, but also counselors and schools. Moreover, Cialfo offers step-by-step assistance that makes everything a lot easier."

Sudarshana Shukla

College Counselor, The Cathedral and John Connon School, Mumbai

"One parent who’s new to our school asked me, how do you remember all 500 kids? It’s because of Cialfo’s Notes feature!"

Colleen Usher

University Guidance Counselor, British Vietnamese International School, Hanoi

“I have been so impressed by your response to ANY request that I have made to you. You have supported my understanding and always happily take my feedback… and you also act on it! Thank you very much for providing an amazing platform for myself and my students.”

Lauren Hoyt

Director of College Counseling, The Hill School, USA

"We chose Cialfo because it offered us ways of connecting with students in new and innovative ways and allowed parents to keep up with how their student is progressing. "

Terry Kung

College Counselor, Brooklyn Friends School

"Cialfo is giving us an opportunity to reevaluate how we have been doing what we have been doing and how we can take it to the next level."

Ritu Tandon

College Counselor, Singapore International School, Mumbai

"Cialfo has been excellent for the counselors and the students. I had used Naviance earlier and Cialfo has not only replaced that but done much better than them...lots of avenues covered in the space of College Counseling. Good job Cialfo!"

Güniz Gucukoglu

Ted Izmir College, Turkey

"Working with Cialfo feels like being home after a long time. Excellent support and service, easy-to-use features, gathered with a friendly team who always welcome feedback not only makes things easier but it makes it fun. I feel lucky and privileged to go through our usual stressful application session with my first graduating class with Cialfo."

Barry Phipps

Former Deputy Head of School, Oberoi International School, India

"My favorite part about Cialfo is customer support. In my opinion, they get top marks. In one word, I'll describe Cialfo as dynamic. They are growing. They are meeting people's needs. They're listening to the customers. And they're changing and morphing to become better and better."

Jeff Neill

College Counselor, GRADED - The American School, Sao Paulo

"My favourite feature in Cialfo by far is the task list. The ability to give students a list of things to do based on where they're applying, what their particular major is, or indecision, allowing them to have a customized experience."

Nitika Thakur

Head of Careers & College Counseling, Dhirubhai Ambani International School

"The introduction of Cialfo brought with it features that are more student- and counselor-friendly. Also, it reached out to regions beyond the US and Canada, which made it more globally acceptable. Cialfo in one word? Comprehensive."

Melissa Almodal-Abraham

Counselor, Reedley International School, The Philippines

"Because of Cialfo, I can see that it will be so much easier for me to monitor my students' pre-application tasks. My usual laborious tasks of university planning, recommending universities and keeping application records seem to have become so easy. I can now devote more time talking to more students."

Sudarshana Shukla

Guidance Counsellor, The Cathedral and John Connon School, Mumbai

“Direct Apply is an amazing tool, and it’s great that you have individual advisors walking students through the process. It just gives the students and us confidence in the product. Direct Apply makes things so efficient in terms of completing the application — student details are pre-populated from the information they’ve filled in on Cialfo.”

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