Improve performance with data and insights

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Track your school’s performance with insightful reports

Cialfo’s detailed and customizable reports ensure that you make good use of all your student and school data

Work efficiently with one-click reports

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Cialfo’s reports are quick to create and customize. Just select the data you need, pick a data range, and export it. No more agonizing for hours over spreadsheets.

Report on student outcomes

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From test scores to matriculations, we help you measure and improve how your students are performing over time.

Enable alumni tracking

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With application histories, you can keep track of alumni outcomes for your school.

Build your school profile

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Build your district school’s data-driven profile and track performance across schools for the most effective reporting. 

Keep stakeholders informed and happy

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Admissions, scholarships, grades - all the data you need to showcase your schools’ achievements to your stakeholders, will be at your fingertips!

Here’s what some of our counselors say about Cialfo's Reports

Aamir Masood

Head, Career Guidance, Shiv Nadar Trust

"At the click of a button, you can see a student's entire profile online. The best part is the dashboard - you can customize your view, and also get reports emailed to you."

Andrew Weiser

College Counselor, International School Bangkok

"Cialfo's not only really good for students — it's great for teachers and administrators getting their data out year after year for reports."

Angeline Ang

Guidance and Career Counselor, Sekolah Pelita Harapan, Jakarta

“Every year our office needs to create a report for our head of school and principals, and it would earlier take us hours if not days to consolidate all the details and come up with the statistics they want. Cialfo's Reports feature is so helpful.”

Francis Miller

Director of College Counseling, Xi'an Tie Yi High School

"There is a Reports function on Cialfo called Score Profiles that takes every single school to which students were accepted and for each school, it gives us three data points: the lowest, average and highest accepted ACT scores. It also has the number of students accepted for that university. To have that kind of data for next year, especially in such an environment as China where everyone is rankings-focused, to have that kind of Score Profile for each university that’s specific to our high school, provides an incredibly direct and relevant counseling value for each student."

Learn how you can put Cialfo’s reports and data to use in your school

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Visualize admission chances with Scattergrams

With Cialfo’s scattergrams, counselors and students can see actual university admissions data and interpret it easily.

Scattergrams help in assessing a student’s admission odds by plotting their scores against historical data of acceptances, waitlists and denials at a particular university. To make them more effective, add in anonymized data from the Cialfo school network.

Read our case study of Xi'an Tie Yi High School, China to learn how counselors are benefiting from Cialfo’s reports and analytics

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More data for effective decision-making

With Cialfo Likelihood and Application Interest, high school counselors can better understand:

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The likelihood of a student’s possible acceptance into a particular university.

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The possible level of interest of a student in applying to a specific university.

The platform uses a sophisticated internal algorithm that takes into account the individual student’s attributes, the attributes of the university, and the overall trends of actions performed by the student or their guardian in Cialfo to indicate interest.

Using these insights, you can better guide your students on their college shortlists and applications.

Measure the data that’s important to you

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Class profiles
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College matriculation
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Student data
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Application likelihood
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Application by college
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Score profiles
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Summary data
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Test ranges
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Teacher recommendation
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Student outcomes

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