Engage and convert prospective students into applicants faster with Connections

Why Connections?

“How do I find out which international students are truly interested in my university?”

“How can I connect directly with students, their counselors, or guardians?”

“How can I engage with students earlier in their college application journey?”

These are some of the questions that our partner universities often ask when planning their international student recruitment strategy. Universities globally are looking to attract a diverse pool of international students for their undergraduate programs. 

But attracting qualified students is always a challenge. Even when institutions have a list of qualified students, they have limited visibility into where students are within their search and application journey in order to be able to deliver content that each student really needs at that time. 

Students at home

Cialfo helps more than 270,000 students, their families, and counselors plan and achieve their goals for higher education. At the same time, we help universities effectively plan their international recruitment strategy, promote their unique offerings, and personally connect with and enroll perfect-fit applicants worldwide so they can diversify their campus populations and drive success in the long run.

We have built Connections to help universities meaningfully engage with students, their counselors, and guardians at every stage of the application journey, starting from Grade 9 through to longlisting, shortlisting, and applying to college.

With Connections, universities can:

  • Craft targeted outreach strategies by identifying the demographics of interested students and their schools
  • Reach prospective students faster by building connections with qualified international students both in-person and digitally
  • Improve conversion rates by sharing the right message with students at the right time depending on whether your institution is on their longlist, shortlist, or applying list
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To discover how Connections works and how you can use it for right-fit enrollment, get in touch with our expert today.

Unlock Connections for your university and power your international student recruitment and engagement strategy.

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