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Our Mission

Our measure of success is to make education accessible to 100 million students globally in record time.

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Working at Cialfo

At Cialfo, we aspire to make education accessible, united by our shared values of customer focus and the desire to change the world. Our culture empowers every Cialfolk to inspire positive and lasting change across the global education industry.

At Cialfo, we aspire to make education accessible, united by our shared values of customer focus, teamwork, and the desire to change the world. Our culture and work environment empowers every Cialfolk around the world to inspire positive, lasting change across the education industry.

Our people will challenge you, support and push you to be the best version of yourself every day. Now, imagine what you could achieve with this team.

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Our Core Values and Principles

Originally inspired by the Olympic motto Citius, Altius, Fortius, our name Cialfo reflects what we believe education is really about: becoming a better (faster, higher, stronger) version of yourself.
A work environment that nurtures, elevates, and prioritises everyone’s happiness and growth, propagates Cialfo’s first-in-class company culture. We can only go faster, aim higher, and get stronger, if we stand together.

Our Culture
Creativity Innovation Icon

Reinventive mindset, thinking out of the box and improvising

Solution Focused Icon

Having an outcome-oriented mindset. Showing initiative and willingness to learn from past mistakes

Excellence & Sincerity Icon

Bar-raiser in performance

Right Intentions & Integrity Icon

Implies the good faith of being ethical even when no one is watching; accountability, speaking up for what is right

Grit & Resilience Icon

Steadfast commitment even during unfavourable times

Candor & Kindness Icon

Gentle consideration for others while being open and direct in speech and behaviour

Unity & Collaboration Icon

Placing the teams’ goals above personal interests, building consensus on goals, milestones, and methodologies

Fun & Camaraderie Icon

Create a light-hearted, playful environment that promotes meaningful workplace relationships

Deliver Mission With Metrics Icon

Consistent measurable performance in line with our mission

Move Fast In The Right Direction Icon

Adaptability, Change-agent, Early decision-making, Building Foundations, Having foresight

Championing Students Icon

Delivering excellent student experience through service and initiative

Create Successful Communities Icon

Building excellent client relationships and engagement among target audiences

Create Impact at Scale Icon

Initiating projects and solving challenges which create impact at a global scale

Be Life-Long Learners Icon

Pursuing significant learning & development within the organization, noteworthy achievements outside of work

First Principles Thinking Icon

Exhibits the behaviour of always doing what's right for the company

Deliver Mission With Metrics Icon

Consistent measurable performance in line with our mission

Diversity & Inclusion

We are committed to our promise of diversity, equity and inclusion to ensure a sense of acceptance and belonging at Cialfo. That’s what drives us to work towards a world where every student, regardless of ethnicity and nationality, gets equal access to higher education.

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Women Workforce

For us, it does not matter where you come from, but where we go together.

Though we are headquartered at Singapore with offices in India, China and the United States, Cialfolks are inspiring change from different locations around the world.

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At Cialfo, employee experience is at the heart of all interaction. That’s why we offer a comprehensive benefits package for you to have an amazing journey in Cialfo.

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Comprehensive Health Benefits
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Meal Perks
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Learning & Development
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Business Travel Opportunities
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Monthly Wellness Credits
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Generous Leave Policy

Our Teams

Every Cialfolk plays an important role in creating value at a massive, global scale.
Whether you’re a developer, marketer or educator, we’re looking for talents who share our mission and want to join us in changing the world.

Hear from our Cialfolks

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Regina Wang
Talent Experience Specialist
Central Operations

I have forged many close friendships along the way, and seeing how my work influences the daily lives of Cialfolks and helps them succeed in their roles, gives me the greatest satisfaction.

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Lam Nguyen
Senior Product Manager
Central Operations

Cialfo’s dynamic environment has sharpened my ability to adapt to uncertainty and handle ever-evolving priorities. Collaborating with leaders and actively contributing to decision-making processes has enabled me to strategize more holistically, making me not just a better PM, but a better leader.

talent team icon
Brian Bui
Machine Learning Engineer
Central Operations

I’m glad to have met many wonderful people who have not only made my journey here enjoyable, but have also become an invaluable source of support and inspiration. From their insightful ideas to their constant encouragement and camaraderie, my colleagues have made every day a rewarding experience.

talent team icon
Talent Intern
Central Operations

Since day one, I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the most encouraging and fun people. It’s truly a dynamic work environment that fosters innovation; no idea is ever ignored, and everyone actively helps out to make things happen.

talent team icon
Burcin Arslan
Senior Client Experience Manager
Central Operations

Through Direct Apply, I work more closely with students than I used to, and I’m even empowered to reach out to students in remote locations. Seeing my students being able to pursue their dreams has given me a renewed sense of satisfaction and joy.

talent team icon
Priyanka Pandit
Associate Director of Strategy
Central Operations

Being able to impact students' lives on such a large scale and build the foundation of their future is immensely fulfilling. It’s also a heartwarming reminder of how far we have come and this exciting journey we are a part of to make education more accessible.

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