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Medical Emergencies in University

Prepare for the unexpected! Learn how proper planning and swift action during medical emergencies can be life-saving for you and your peers. Stay informed, stay safe. Read more on our blog.

Cherilynn Tan
February 9, 2024
2 min
Medical Emergencies in University
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Medical Emergencies in University

Medical emergencies are unpleasant to think about. But planning ahead and taking the right action at the right time could save your life – or the lives of your friends and classmates.

Drinking in college, in some cases, is a rite of passage. Even if you decide not to drink alcohol in college, consider: what if you have a friend who does? Always having a plan to get home, not accepting drinks from strangers, knowing your limits, and knowing what to do if someone does get alcohol poisoning are some simple steps you can take to prepare yourself or prepare to help a friend in need.

Another common source of injuries at colleges is slipping and falling. This may sound comical, but many universities worldwide are located in regions with four seasons, including cold winters with snow and ice. No one expects to fall, but if you do and you end up in the emergency room, do you know what to do? Having a plan for these situations can help limit the pain and impact of an unfortunate and unexpected event.

  • Carry a copy of your ID, whether that is your student ID, passport, or otherwise
  • Save the addresses of the local hospitals on your phone
  • Look at a map of your college campus and nearby town or city. Familiarize yourself with emergency services locations.
  • Bring important health information with you: any medical issues you have, allergies, medication you are taking, and your insurance card information.
  • Save copies of your important medical documents and records to a cloud account so you can access them from anywhere, even if your phone battery dies or gets lost or stolen.
  • “ICE” any emergency contacts in your phone.
  • When you are in the hospital, be respectful, listen carefully, and take notes!

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