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November 2021

Beyond college rankings - Choosing the best fit universities

In this webinar, we hear experienced school counselors Neena Virmani and Kelley Christman talk about going beyond ranking lists and finding out the factors that truly matter for students. They tell about the need to check whether a college is culturally, temperamentally and academically a right fit for students. The application process needs to be curated keeping all these factors in mind.

Highlights of the conversation:

Finding out the skill sets and strong areas of students at an early stage

Decoding the ranking of colleges by subjects

Assessing the culture of a college and judge whether students actually want to go there

Looping in parents in the discussion and aligning their views with the goals of student

Shortlisting the colleges that provide a better match as per the career goals of students and help nurture their skills

About the speaker

Neena Virmani
Pathways World School
College Advisor

Kelley Christman
Branksome Hall Asia
University Counselor

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