An exclusive networking event for Cialfo counselors and university representatives

Expand your professional network

Foster deeper connections and get the latest updates during 1:1 sessions with participating high schools and universities.

Who should attend

  • Curious counselors seeking to meet university and college representatives who have alternative offerings for students.
  • University reps who are looking to build meaningful relationships with high school counselors.
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Why you should attend

Your students are brilliant and innovative, and universities around the world are vying for their enrollment.

While many of your students will be accepted to larger, globally-recognized universities, some of your students may benefit from alternative environments –  whether it is a university in a a quieter, rural setting, a college offering smaller class sizes with in-person teaching, or perhaps a university that is based abroad but offering online learning so that your students don't have to leave their home countries.

This exclusive networking event aims to  connect high school counselors and university reps in an intimate setting, with the hopes of finding the best-fit universities for the highest number of students.

How it works

Once you have registered, you will receive the link to the exclusive networking platform.

Cialfo representatives will deliver a welcome message, and then all event participants will move to different tables for 1:1 chats. There will be a time limit set for each round of 1:1 chats to encourage everyone to to meet with more people during the event (pretty much like speed-dating).

How to prepare

There is only one thing we need you to do prior to this event - Cialfo will provide you with a short questionnaire to complete with amazing facts about you and your school. We will use this information in the pre-event introduction between high schools and universities.

Once you have completed this, simply join the live session, sit back, relax and prepare to meet some interesting new counselors/reps!

Vanya Nario

IB DP Psychology Teacher and IB College Counselor at One World International School

“I think Cialfo should organise more sessions like this. It was a great experience!”

Kirstin Cosby

Director of International Admission, Ohio Wesleyan University

“The time went so fast, I could probably have used another 1/2 hour. I had great conversations and met new counselors. The platform was easy to use and I hope you'll do it again. Thanks so much for organizing it!”

Yuki Iida

Undergraduate/Admissions Office, The University of Tokyo, PEAK

“Thank you for organizing a wonderful event, it was a great opportunity to get to know school counselors from around the world. Such opportunities are very rare, and we truly appreciate having the chance to join. We are looking forward to join future events as well.”

Upcoming Event
May 25, 2022, Virtual

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